James Fearn of Keats Fearn looks at what it takes to put a deal together in 2023!

With the Farnham property market now working in favour of buyers in most cases, negotiation between parties has suddenly become very important. Through the pandemic and its aftermath full and over-price offers were the order of the day. Frankly, it often wasn’t hard to do a deal then, but now the pendulum has swung the other way.
Four things make a positive negotiation: a good attitude, flexibility, pragmatism and being seen to be reasonable. We need look no further than the recent political negotiations concerning Northern Ireland to show how previous talks broke down, when lately there has been far more progress.
As Winston Churchill said, “You cannot reason with a tiger when your head is in its mouth”. If one side is bitter and angry and the other aggressive and intransigent, there is little room for an understanding between parties. Indeed, a lot of principle taking and digging in of heels seldom gets anyone anywhere. But an acceptable deal is far more achievable with goodwill on both sides, a clear view of what may be possible, and a sympathetic attitude to the other party’s issues. Remember, the best deals are those where both parties feel they have won, or at least haven’t lost.
The staff at Keats Fearn understand all these nuances and orchestrate the negotiation, smoothing out the inevitable ups and downs during an important and tense time.