Benefits of Keats Fearn Drone Photography

Drone photography allows you to:

  • Impress buyers with high-quality professional photography that helps your listing stand out when compared with others. Home buyers are still used to seeing street-level photos, so your aerial shots will stand out as something different. The extra attention and time you’re putting into photos will give the impression that the property is special and well worth their attention.
  • Show a property in context. This can help potential buyers picture where they’ll be living. It’s a great way to show off features that are hard to capture in street-level photos: for instance, you might want to highlight the amount of land a property has, or show it in context alongside other nearby properties.
  • Highlight great features of the property, like a river front location, a swimming pool, or a beautiful and well-maintained garden. Simply writing about these in the listing, or even showing street-level photos, won’t make such a striking impression.