Here at Keats Fearn we have certain clients that specify particular roads or types of properties.

Below is a list of current properties we require ASAP.

  1. 2/3 bedroom bungalow in Rowledge or Lower Bourne. Budget up to £600,000.
  2. Family house in Bentley. Budget up to £950,000.
  3. Bungalow or flat with 2 bedrooms in Farnham town centre. Budget up to £550,000.
  4. Family house in Rowledge. Budget up to 1 million.
  5. Ground floor flat in The Lindens, Great Austins, Farnham. Budget up to £375,000.
  6. Brand new house or ultra modern with at least 4500 sqft of living space in Farnham or surrounding villages. Budget up to 2 million.
  7. House on Castle Street, Farnham. Budget up to 1.5 million.
  8. Detached property in Rowhills area of Farnham. Budget up to £950,000.
  9. Detached property on an acre suitable for replacement in Moor Park or Stoneyfields. Budget £850,000 to 1.1 million.
  10. Warden assisted property in Mountbatten Lodge, Farnham. 2 bedrooms and budget £375,000.

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