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Their Story

At Cody & Co we’ve combined our wealth of experience in the footwear industry to hand make shoes for the informed modern man. By drawing inspiration from both Britain and the Continent, our deconstructed, progressive designs break with tradition and signal a fresh, fluid, and sustainability-driven era. 


This is a re-imagination of the great British shoe, pared-back and remodelled. We’ve positioned ourselves as a purely digital business – no retail overheads, no wholesale margin mark-ups. Our model allows us to invest more in premium materials and design, without compromise.


Our product line is designed in the spirit of the Continent and features full grain European leather linings within all of our British made shoes. High-grade materials run throughout our range, from our signature leather loafers in Steads & Co Janus calf suede to our stripped-back Chelsea boot. Fine craftsmanship and luxurious detailing distinguish every pair of Cody & Co shoes.


 We’re proud to be Made in England. All Cody & Co shoes are handcrafted in Sheffield, a former industrial powerhouse famed for steel now shaping suede. We celebrate Sheffield’s steelmaking heritage with the chains, flames, and anvil of our branding mark and our bespoke Yorkshire rose print, heat-embossed onto every lining.

 100% British hand made. Authentic, Sustainable, British quality.