Keats Fearn Sales & Lettings Getting in Gear

After seven weeks into lockdown James Fearn from Keats Fearn looks at how coronavirus has affected life in the Farnham property market and beyond.
Throughout the lockdown, I have been working remotely. At first, I thought there would be little to do. How wrong I was.
The past four weeks have been frantic. First there were all the property sales I had to get past the finishing post. Even in lockdown I have been able to get some through within strict government guidelines. Then there are the deals that we had only just tied up when the lockdown began. It is astonishing how many buyers and sellers have been keen to keep to their plans - even though they will have to add months to transaction times.
But now I am also busy working with those who are already planning new lives beyond the pandemic. I am advising on marketing and even ballpark pricing - subject to final inspection. I also have many keen buyers who have pencilled in viewing appointments for when the lockdown is over.
Of course, it isn’t fun. None of this is: for anyone. The virus has changed our lives and the lives of everyone with whom we work. But despite working remotely 7 days a week I am working with our clients, our buyers, our central London marketing team and other local independent estate agents.  
Working through the pandemic is like riding a bike up a very steep hill. I have had to change gear. I will probably change gear again before this crisis is over. But one thing is very certain; I will be in the right gear when it’s all over and Keats Fearn and my staff will bounce back stronger than ever to serve Farnham’s property needs.

If you are looking to sell or rent a property within Farnham and the surrounding villages please email or call 01252 718018.