Harvey is getting extra biscuits after the office has agreed 6 sales since the Election result.

Reasons to instruct Keats Fearn

Selling a property at the best price requires a good understanding of the needs of both sellers and buyers, tenacity, diplomacy and great local knowledge - all of which skills and attributes you will find at keatsfearn, where we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and level of customer service.


Our long-established family business is now part of the U.K’s largest group of independent estate agents - Mayfair Office.


 What this means for you is:


110 Firms with over 330 offices throughout the UK

And in


France * Italy * Portugal * Spain * Greece * The Netherlands * Canada * Barbados * Costa Rica * Ireland * USA * South Africa


Offices in

London * New York * Paris * Rome * Athens * Monaco * Toronto * Vancouver * San Francisco * Los Angeles * Aspen * The Hamptons * Palm Beach * Newport * Washington DC * Miami * Houston * Dallas * Lake Tahoe * Boston * Atlanta


Working together is what sets us apart


We work very closely with our associated offices, particularly those in Guildford, Fleet, Winchester, Weybridge, Cobham, Sunningdale, Camberley and London, from where we draw most of our enquiries, to ensure maximum advantage for our clients.


If we receive your instructions, all of the key members of our dedicated local sales team will visit the property to familiarise themselves with the accommodation and the special features; this enables them to speak confidently and knowledgeably about the home to any prospective buyer.


Quality sales details will be produced for your approval within 48 hours, including a professionally drawn floor plan as this helps buyers visualise the home and these will then be downloaded onto our own website and other major UK websites including www.Rightmove.co.uk  & www.Onthemarket.com & www.Countrylife.co.uk .